TCA Peel

If you have uneven skin tone, damaged skin, fine lines, melasma, hyperpigmentation or facial scarring. You may have considered having a TCA Peel treatment. However, as with any procedure, it is important that you understand what a TCA Peel is, how it works, what skin conditions is it meant to treat and its potential side effects. As with any treatment, talk to your dermatologist or skin care specialist before committing to a TCA Peel or any other chemical peel.

What is a TCA Peel?

Having been used for more than 20 years, the TCA Peel is a non-toxic chemical peel. TCA stands fro Trichloroacetic Acid which is considered a relative of vinegar. This particular type of chemical peel is considered to be one of the strongest available. With a strength in the range of 5% and 50%, this peel is most often applied to the face, neck and hands. The chemicals in this peel can also be used for treating specific spot areas on the face or hands. Also, TCA is currently the only chemical peel that has been approved by the FDA to treat Actinic Keratosis. (pre-cancer)

What Does A TCA Peel Treat?

TCA Peels are most commonly used to treat the following conditions:

  • To reduce fine lines
  • To reduce the appearance of age spots and brown spots
  • To treat some forms of acne
  • To enhance the appearance of sun-damaged, leathery-looking skin
  • To improve symptoms of Melasma

How It Works

A Superficial TCA Peel - The lightest of the peels - will remove the top layer of skin, which has been damaged by the sun. The deeper the peel that is used, the more damaged skin cells are removed. However, a deeper peel also means more discomfort and a need for more recovery time. The higher concentration of chemical peel that you have applied to your skin, the deeper into your skin it will work, after about a week, the old skin will have peeled off and you will be left with fresher, more radiant skin.

When you first enter your dermatologist's or skin care specialist's office to get a TCA peel your skin will be thoroughly cleansed. The peel chemicals will then be applied to your skin in several layers, at different time intervals. For best results, TCA Peels are usually performed over tow or three visits to allow healing between treatments. However, medium-depth TCA Peels are generally performed one to tow times annually.